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High performance machining by GO2cam

Man to machine dialog, the core of our business


Computer Aided Manufacturing software editor, GO2cam International has become a full-fledged player in the industrial computing field, recognized as such by operators all around the world.

The core competence of GO2cam International is the handling of every CNC machine-tool type and optimization of technical potentials in two main areas : metal machined parts and dental purposes prosthetics parts made of composite materials.

Because field connection is our first inspiration source, our software is designed to meet the daily challenges of computer programmers.


GO2cam Milling

GO2cam Mill : 2 to 5-axis milling cycles, patented high-performance cycles (millyuGO) for roughing and finishing


GO2cam Turning

GO2cam TurnMill : From the simplest turning operations on basic lathes to sophisticated manufacturing on multi-spindle and multi-turret lathes

Swiss Machining

GO2cam Swiss Turn

GO2cam Swiss Machining : Technology extension developed for turning-milling, synchronization of multiple channels and axes of work

Wire EDM

GO2cam Wire EDM

GO2cam WireEDM : Powerful Wire EDM machines driving software, from 2 to 4 axis

CAM for operators

GO2cam GO2operator

GO2cam Operator : Traceability, responsibility delegation and communication system between operators and programmers

CAD for programmers

GO2cam GO2designer

GO2cam Designer : Software dedicated to preparing and readjusting CAD files before manufacturing process

GO2cam for SolidWorks®

GO2cam for Solidworks

GO2cam Solidworks® : GO2cam into Solidworks add-in for integrated CADCAM projects

CAD for mecanic

GO2cam mecanic : The union of GO2cam Designer and mecanic. The software makes it possible to prepare the geometries to be machined then to transfer them in order to generate the cutting program

Dental CAM


GO2cam Dental : Dental CAM software made for prosthetists, enables manufacturing of every type of dental restorations

Custom dental abutments


GO2cam CASM : Machining of custom dental abutments on swiss lathe machines

GO2cam for Robots

go2cam for robots
GO2cam Robots : Programming for industrial robots that allows for the automatic generation of motion programs for a wide variety of robots used in manufacturing applications

Independent French CAM software


In the competitive landscape, our society is an exception: it belongs to its employees.
This independence allows us to push the technical limits and stay at the forefront of French industrial computing.
Our expertise guides our strategical choices, as well as the will to bring productivity gains and ease of use to our software users.

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Machine Compatibility

Our software suite perfectly fits into most of CNC machine-tools hardware systems, we are expanding our machine compatibility cover every year.

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Demo Version

Do you want to try GO2cam? Click here to get a trial version and test our CAM software for 1 month.

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GO2cam International is sold in more than 15 countries. Discover our distribution network composed of subsidiaries and authorized distributors.