GO2cam Operator, CAM for NC operators

GO2cam Operator is a CAM software allowing programmers to set a “frame of decision” so that operators could be able to edit operating range parameters before generating a NC file.

In workshops where programmers and machiners work together, GO2cam Operator brings fluidity and security to exchanges between different teams.

GO2operator par GO2cam

It’s a full system based on:


  • Authority delegation: Programmer gives to the operator a certain latitude in certain parameters. The operator simulates his production, read the documents, changes the cutting conditions parameters and generates the NC file.
  • Communication and traceability: The GO2cam file that’s shuttles between operator and programmer contains every saved modification, to improve the following machining ranges.

Customers are the the best to tell about a product. To learn more, click here to discover the testimony of a company which works on GO2cam Operator everyday.