GO2cam TurnMill

GO2cam develops and markets a software suite which covers all turning operations. Simple turning, B and C axis, 5 axis turning, GO2cam’s range is adapted from simple parts turning to complex machining including threading and Swiss machining.

The advantages of GO2cam TurnMill:

  • Amazing automatic input of opelists: Define an OpelistOpeList : knowledge base of machining cycles, technological parameters and cutting conditions suitable for a machine, a material and tools., click and let the software work for you, it will automatically recognize turning features such as facing and grooving! A same range, different parts, the automatic toolpath is created according to the geometry.
  • ISO standard tolerances with maxi, mini and average values.
  • Smart topology recognition: chamfers and radius are kept if you modify a length, modification of key seats. Multiple changes are supported (set of identical grooves for example).
GO2cam TurnMill

TurnMill range

The ideal solution for basic turning.


  • Shaft creation,
  • Parametric wireframe,
  • Possibility to import CAD files.

2 axis Turning

  • Roughing, parallel roughing,
  • Finishing, finishing of diameters and faces,
  • Grooving : direct, Z level, zigzag, W type, O ring type, groove, finishing,
  • Holes: centering, drilling, drilling with boring tool, tapping,
  • Threading and profile threading,
  • Parting, pecking, chamfering, etc.

  Available add-ons: Machine Tool Environment (MTE), User Workshop documents.

An introduction to Turmill.

Includes Turn Basic


  • Workplane creation.


  • Balanced roughing,
  • Finishing B simultaneous,
  • Balanced finishing.

Milling (Mill Classic* functionalities)

*excepted cycles including Y axis movements on the turning part

  • Quick Solid Milling, (possibility to create profiles from the solid, stock management and automatic creation of work planes),
  • Pocket, including facing, pocket reworking and High-Speed Milling functions,
  • Finish contouring , including finish reworking,
  • Holes (jig boring, drilling, tapping, counter boring, reaming, threading, back machining, interpolation),
  • Marking,
  • Profile cutting,
  • Advanced approaches for complex shapes milling on 3 axis work: pocket, facing, finishing, isoparametric, etc.
  • Milling in different work planes: multi-axis positioning.

  Available add-ons : High Performance Machining, Hole Machining Feature (HMF), Probing, Machine Tool Environment (MTE), User Workshop documents.

A hyphen between turning and milling.

Includes Turn Classic C axis


  • Dual spindle, dual turret machine compatibility,
  • B et Y* axis management.

*requiring post-processor adaptation.

  Available add-ons : High Performance Machining, Hole Machining Feature (HMF), Gun drilling, Probing, Machine Tool Environment (MTE), User Workshop documents.

The window is opened towards 5 simultaneous axis turning and even more!

Includes TurnMill Classic

Milling – Mill Expert functionnalities

  • Roughing,
  • Rough reworking,
  • Spiral finishing,
  • Equidistant finishing,
  • Pocket morphing,
  • Contour morphing,
  • Finish reworking,
  • Pencil milling (contour),
  • Profil projection,
  • Profil marking.

On TurnMill Expert package can be grafted a very high technicity add-on allowing 4-5 simultaneous axis milling.

4-5 axis simultaneous add-on

  • 4 axes Finishing,
  • 4 axes Profile Projection,
  • 4 axes Profile Marking,
  • 4 axes Parallel Plane Finishing.
  • 5 axis Swarf,
  • 5 axis Equidistant,
  • 5 axis Pocket Morphing,
  • 5 axis Drilling.

  Available add-ons : High Performance Machining, Hole Machining Feature (HMF), Gun drilling, 5 axis expert, Probing, Machine Tool Environment (MTE), User Workshop documents.