Become a GO2cam reseller

Who we are:

GO2cam is the only independent comprehensive CAM software developer in the world: Milling, Turning, Wire EDM, Swiss Machining, Dental and Medical, SDK.

With a team of application engineers working constantly on development of our products and a team dedicated to manage Resellers’ requests; We are creating products based on our know-how of more than 30 years.

In our portfolio, we have UNIQUE products and patented technologies.

  • GO2cam Operator to enable the machinists to change the CAM file instead of modifying NC Files on the controller,
  • Multi-patented millyuGO® which is simply the best constant engagement angle toolpaths for Roughing and for Finishing in the market,
  • NC Control: integrated NC file verification using the CAM machine Environment files,
  • And others.

We believe that customer satisfaction can be reached only if there is a dedicated, expert and local staff to support for: training, post processor development, On-line and On-site support.

We constantly work on our Resellers’ and their clients’ needs in order to be on the edge of end user’s needs.

Why join our resellers network:

How do we work with our resellers network:

  • Training and technical support dedicated to resellers so that they anticipate the demands of their customers by improving the ranges & strategies,
  • E-learning platform with a huge knowledge base for your technical and sales team,
  • Technical, sales and marketing support and regular updates of the software,
  • Collaborative co-marketing,
  • Act on customer feedback to make things better for you,
  • We are open to your suggestions of development and improvements.


Please contact us for further information.