GO2cam in SOLIDWORKS®, the perfect synergy!

Few years ago, GO2cam opened a door toward SOLIDWORKS, launching “GO2cam Feature Exchange”, a free add-in which makes easier the data exchange between the two software.By automatic updating of toolpaths and holes features transfer, the process between design and machining speeds up.

Today, GO2cam goes further and fully integrates into SOLIDWORKS as an add-in. The best of CAD and CAM are combined together without having to transfer files, for a smoother, faster and safer use:

  • More file transfers, the data flow is locked and secured,
  • .sldprt files become complete CADCAM projects,
  • Toolpaths change automatically if the design is modified,
  • The work environment is SOLIDWORKS’ one.

Discover a new CADCAM experience with GO2cam inside SOLIDWORKS®.