GO2cam for Robots

GO2cam International is committed to anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of workshops. With the increasing presence of robots in modern workshops, our commitment is to understand these challenges and create innovative solutions to empower our clients

Thus, we have developed an offline robot programming application – GO2cam for Robots. This application allows for:

  • Pick and place” operations : an automated process where the robot picks up an object from an initial position and places it in another position using suction cups, grippers, or magnets,
  • Machining: polishing, deburring, cutting (depending on precision),
  • Use of a camera: 3D scanning.
GO2cam for Robots

GO2cam for Robots is not just software that allows for programming of complex robot movements, simulation, collision detection, trajectory optimization, and output of code to send to the robot, remotely.

It also allows for the retrieval of feedback on the position of the robot’s joints to simulate the exact position of the robot when it moves. This results in a return of the robot on the screen. It is a real digital twin.