GO2cam Javascript API

Discover the Power of GO2cam’s Javascript API

Explore new possibilities with the brand-new Javascript API from GO2cam, an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides an easy approach to enhance GO2cam’s capabilities according to your specific needs and energize your automation efforts.

GO2cam API Javascript

Easy Development

By combining a popular language with an integrated code editor, GO2cam simplifies the development of custom features, allowing you to handle specific tasks and expedite crucial parts of your process.

Key Features

Write your own script to:

  • Create or modify designs,
  • Manage the machining environment, including machines and tools,
  • Adjust machining parameters,
    Create machining operations with custom operation lists (Opelists),
  • Design your own dialog boxes,
  • Interact directly with the 3D scene.

Accessible Language

This API is based on Javascript, an easy-to-learn object-oriented language. It is fully documented, accompanied by numerous examples ranging from design to machining operations.

Unleash Your Creativity

Unlock new features and customize your GO2cam experience based on your specific needs. Let your creativity shine and innovate your machining process with our versatile and powerful Javascript API.