go2cam swissturn

GO2cam Swiss Turn

Quantity and quality!

The main priority of Swiss Turn industrialists is to maintain a high and constant production rhythm, reaching requirement of total quality.

A few tenths of seconds per part and the productivity takes off.

For this reason, we have incorporated into our products all the specific synchronization solutions dedicated to multi-channel CNC machines used by Swiss Turn specialists.

GO2cam Swiss Turn

Turnmill Classic and Turnmill Expert are excellent tools made especially for Swiss Turn specialists:

  • Management of an unlimited number of channels and axis,
  • Definition, preview and simulation of all sync operations,
  • Tool drag-and-drop towards available positions in toolholders (semi-auto process),
  • Creation and edition of tools database for mounting on the different tool holders (full-auto process),
  • Multi-spindle management including the sliding headstock,
  • Intuitive and interactive rearrangement of operations among then turrets,
  • Simulation of raw material supply (the bar is going forward whenever a part is cut).

Read the technical description of TurnMill Classic and TurnMill Expert from the TurnMill product page.