GO2cam Dental, cam for dental labs

GO2cam Dental is a fully customizable CAM software.

Amazingly easy to use, it allows to program high quality machining:

  • Of all dental restorations : crowns, copings, abutments, bridges, implant bridges, implant bars, night guards, models, etc.
  • In all raw materials : wax, PMMA, zirconium, cobalt, titanium, glass ceramic, resins, etc. while increasing tool life.
  • On every dental machine-tool brand : Imes Icore, Mikron, Maxx, Roland, DMG, VHF, etc.
GO2dental by GO2cam

Discover a brand new intuitive and secured working method:

  • Reading of STL files made on all CAD software,
  • Recognition of imported elements geometry : margin line, insertion axis, chambers and pontics. Holes recognition, clasps and grids,
  • Connectors selection : automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Shape and pre-cut selection,
  • Meta-connectors for sintering process,
  • Discs management, re-use of partially used discs,
  • Spatially optimized nesting of machined parts,
  • Collision avoidance toolpaths, machine kinematics consideration,
  • Machining reports edition into various formats including pdf,etc.

And many more features!