GO2cam Production: Add-ons & Functionnalities

GO2cam Production comes in three different applications : milling, turning and wire EDM. On these ready-to-use products can be grafted different modules to increase the CNC machine-tool production potential.

These modules allow to handle the distinctive technical abilities of the machine-tool, such as high efficiency milling cycles, probing or multiple parts machining.

go2cam mpm

What is GO2cam tailormade offer ?


go2cam gamme

A packaged product adapted to your machine-tool

go2cam modules

One or more add-ons to amplify its capacities

go2cam post-processeur

The proper post-processor and some IT development if needed

High performance milling

millyuGO High Performance Milling

Boring Head

GO2cam Boring Head

Holes Machining Features

GO2cam Holes Machining Features

Gun drilling

GO2cam Gun drilling

Multiple Parts Machining

GO2cam MPM

5 Axis Expert

GO2cam 5 axis


GO2cam Nesting

Swiss Turning Tool Manufacturing



GO2cam Probing

Machine Tool Environnement

GO2cam MTE

NC Control

nc control

User Workshop Documents

GO2cam Workshops documents

Feature Recognition

GO2cam MTE

Javascript API

nc control