Gun drilling

Subtlety of long drilling

Whenever a part is deeply drilled, the operator can experience technical constraints related to the length of the operation: chips safe removal, tool cooling and stability, intersection of cavities, etc.

Especially made for gun drilled parts (also for through holes drillings), this add-on offers answers to these issues.


  • It allows to reduce speed rate when the tool is approaching a pocket or other cavity, then accelerate until entering another empty chamber.
  • Whenever the tool passes through another drilled area, the Gun Drilling add-on regulates the speed rate in order to ensure a perfect quality of holes.
  • Chip removal is progressively done in order to improve – once again – surface quality.
  • Part lubrifaction and cooling can be defined.
  • Once the gun drilling operation done, the tool safely retracts.
GO2cam Gun drilling