5 Axis Expert

5 axis milling opens an unlimited potential of machining. In order to answer an increasing demand in complex milling cycles, we offer to our customers a 5 axis add-on full of high precision cycles:


  • 5 axis auto swarf,
  • 5 axis projection,
  • 5 axis cavity collision,
  • 5 axis electrode,
  • 5 axis blade.
GO2cam 5 Axis Expert

Other specific cycles can be combined to this 5 axis add-on to solve trickiest machining problematics:


  • 5 axis Multi-blades Classic: 4 operations for blades roughing and finishing,
  • 5 axis Multi-blades Expert: Enables automation of toolpaths, new morphing and controls for blades machining,
  • 5 Axes Port Machining: For machining of ports and pipes in 5 simultaneous axis, following an entry leading curve.