What is a Post-Processor?

Each CNC machine-tool brand has its own IT programming specificities. The handling and driving of a machine by a CAM software requires a strong translation, proof-reading and compatibility checking for all kinematics: that’s what we call « Post-processor writing ».

GO2cam developed a high-level know-how in Post-Processor writing, it allows us to ensure a compatibility with most machine tool brands.

Discover right below the controllers and machine-tools brands GO2cam and GO2dental can drive.

GO2cam post processors and controllers
GO2cam post-processeurs
GO2dental post-processeurs

GO2cam Milling and Turning Post-processors

DatronDMG MoriECSfagor

GO2cam Swiss Machining Post-processors


GO2cam Wire EDM Post-processors

Agie CharmillesBrotherExcetekfanucHitachiJapax
GO2cam post-prcesseur
GO2dental post-processeur

GO2cam Dental Post-processors

AbuniversalAmann GirrbachArixBienAirCharly DentalDatronDental Concept SystemsDental PlusDentMasterDent-Vinci/GünerDerte
DG ShapeDigital Dental LabDMG MoriDOFHaasHintelsImes-IcoreKaVoLaserDentaManixMedit - ColLabMikron
MTABNiceTechProtechRealmecaRobots and DesignRödersSHSDUpceraVHFWillemin MacodelWitechYenaDent