go2cam third-party software

Third-party software


CADCAM world is a complex galaxy of team works and synergies. Inside and around GO2cam software range, many experts brought their special know-how:

  • Thus, we count on Parasolid® for the software 3D engine, on MachineWorks® for machine simulation, and on Alma® for nesting.
  • We can export compatible data for NC codes simulation software Eureka® and Vericut®.
  • ModuleWorks® provides us specific 5 axis cycles so we can bring to our customers the largest range of toolpaths.
  • Datakit® enables us to connect GO2cam with every CAD file format.
  • We are accompanied by Gedix® and TDM® for tool databases and workshop monitoring.
  • GO2cam firstly developed a gateway allowing to retrieve all features data from SOLIDWORKS® files. We offer now a full integration of GO2cam into SOLIDWORKS® as a Plug-in.
  • C4W® is a dental CAD software editor with whom we co-built the 3D engine of GO2dental. We also developed with this company Iris Chairside Cadcam®.
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