Feature Recognition

Revolutionize Your Programming Process with Automatic Feature Recognition

The automatic feature recognition function, available for Milling,Turnmill (including horizontal and vertical turning), and Swiss Machining, streamlines programming by ingeniously analyzing shapes to be machined:

  • In Milling:
    Automatically identify open and closed pockets, grooves, holes (whether through, blind, slotted, etc.), deburring edges, and many other elements.
  • In Turning :
    Complementary to previous functionalities, automatically detect, in axial or radial orientation, flats, keyway grooves, and “rolled features” (developed plans). The detection function dynamically adjusts to turning specifics, providing a comprehensive and versatile approach.

Intelligent Feature Generation

The recognition module performs automatic feature generation based on an in-depth analysis of solid topology.

From stock-based calculation to solid-based calculation, incorporating existing HMF expertise and wireframe-based calculation, GO2cam offers a comprehensive range of options to meet your machining needs.

GO2cam milling feature recognition

Comfort and Efficiency with Predefined Opelists

GO2cam turning feature recognition

Enjoy the convenience of features linked to predefined Opelists. Assign each type of feature to an operation list (opelist) for simplified management.

The necessary tools are automatically located in our specialized libraries using defined formulas and constraints in the opelists. Cutting conditions are applied automatically, based on material and tool definitions.

Efficient and Intuitive Workflow

  1. Part Import: Import and position the part with clamping systems in just a few clicks.
  2. Direct Solid Analysis: Perform a direct topological analysis of solids to understand your piece’s geometry.
  3. Automatic Feature Creation: Features are generated automatically for you.
GO2cam features workflow
  1. Simple Tab for Selection, Editing, and Management: Use a user-friendly tab to perform selection, editing, and feature management as needed.
  2. Automatic Calculation: Once your selections are made, simply launch the calculation… and there you have it!

Switch to the Future of Machining

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Simplify your workflow, increase productivity, and embrace a new era of precision and efficiency.
Make programming a breeze with automatic feature recognition. Switch to a smarter and more innovative milling approach today.

Experience the power of Feature Recognition with GO2cam to optimize your machining process!

Transform your workshop with GO2cam‘s advanced technology and be ready for the future of machining.