Iris Chairside Cadcam

Iris is a chairside CADCAM solution, dedicated to dentists. It allows them to produce crowns directly at the dental clinic.

Based on latest CADCAM innovations, Iris allows every dentist to optimize their patients appointments : time between dental impression and crown milling is now reduced to few minutes.

Iris Chairside CADCAM opens up new perspectives for the creation of single crowns. Easy and intuitive, the process has been over simplified to reduce drastically the interaction with the software.

Iris chairside cadcam

Iris Chairside CADCAM is the fruit of two French companie’s expertize : C4W is specialized in design (CAD), GO2cam International, in manufacturing (CAM). They brought and melted their know-how to create a unique, super easy and comprehensive product.

  • Incredible time savings on single crowns production,
  • User friendly workflow : the dentist follows the process and validates the intermediate steps, the software guides and assists him/her at every stage,
  • Fully open system : Compatible with main scanners and machines manufacturers, the dentist is free to choose his/her equipment.