March 2022: Release of GO2cam V6.09

3 Mar 2022

GOteam is pleased to present the new GO2cam V6.09, published on March 1st, 2022. Our development team has met its goal of delivering a whole new edition with a comprehensive list of new features. You will agree after reading this post that GO2cam International is the most revolutionary CAM software editor.

Production series on Swiss type machines are shorter and machines are more complex to program manually. Classical Turning Module are not adapted to this field. This is why we made a dedicated Swiss Machining Module. 3 modules are available:

  • Swiss Machining Classic,
  • Swiss Machining Expert,
  • Swiss Machining Full.

Wireframe geometry

wireframe go2cam

In accordance with it’s values, GO2cam is investing a lot in modernising it’s software architecture while keeping it compatible with client’s legacy data. The Wireframe geometry Kernel is the first result of this work.

The new parametric and associative module of wireframe geometry is written from scratch. It doesn’t only contain many new fonctionnalities but above all it is compatible with old versions files.

NC Control

With MTE (Machine Tool Environment) as an unique machine simulation technology and with this new NC Control module, GO2cam takes another step in it’s leadership on verification.

The MTE module of GO2cam is now driven by a 3rd party NC verification algorithm to simulate NC files inside GO2cam.

As there is no translation of the machine, part or stock tools etc, into another software, our MTE based NC Control module is more accurate and much easy-to-use.

nc control go2cam

Tools Database

go2cam tools database

GO2cam is now supports GTC standard and allows to read tools from many compatible databases.

GO2cam tools are updated to be standardized according to ISO norms.



Probing Module has been improved with new functionalities for:

  • Cycles for Origin on Stock & new types of 2D corner with Wireframe geometry,
  • Control report,
  • Probing in Turning modules​ with Wireframe geometry.
probing go2cam

Stock calculation

stock calculation go2cam

Stock calculation algorithm has been improved with new functionalities and time of calculation is much faster.

New calculation:​

  • Multi Threading is now used for the standard stock calculation,
  • The algorithms were optimized.

New products and OEM


GO2mecanic is a new product based on GO2designer and dedicated to prepare the geometrical information for mecanic Wire EDM software.


GO2Haas OEM GO2cam For HAAS​

GO2cam technology can be adapted for specific machines in order to propose an easy-to-use specialized GO2cam solution for HAAS customers.


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