GO2explorer, your folder 4.0 !

Doing your best on managing your production files? But are you sure your team is not losing time checking they are using latest version and have all information they need for a flawless production process?

Not so easy, if you use Windows Explorer system. It involves quite a tricky organization of your data flow (numerous folders and sub-folders, management of duplicated files and versions and revisions of your documents…). This drastically increases the risk of expensive and time-consuming errors.

Perfectly integrated in GO2cam environment, GO2explorer brings you an optimum solution to manage your product related files:

  • Enhance collaboration of your teams in a simultaneous way and organize an efficient team-workflow,
  • Ensure a straight and unique method of data management,
  • Secure your business core from loss and theft by setting up a Vault storage,
  • Create a shared knowledge in order to increase productivity,
  • Protect from losing money on reprogramming and remanufacturing parts due to mistakes around product data.

GO2explorer ensures the use of the right file at the right time and by the right person. This is the reason to be from GO2explorer.