Implant Manufacturer

Expansion of your product portfolio by producing a custom solution with your industrial machines.

Regain market shares and offer a certified solution to your customers.


Fast & easy Standard Production with GO2cam, one of the most powerful cam software today


Add to your CAM solution our new Swiss Machining custom abutments milling capabilities


Offer to your customers  certified and guaranteed custom abutments with GO2abutment


Here comes GO2cam. The french independently owned CAM software. With GO2cam, you will get an easy and efficient way to drive your Swiss Machining solutions. But also, all 5 axis CNC you want. Our technical team is here to provide you with innovative solutions and trainings.

We add our mechanical knowledge to our dental knowledge. Like this we are here to provide you with the most adjusted solution adapted to your company, your wishes and your goals.

custom abutment


custom abutment render

Our mechanical software is fully customizable: you do not have to create new templates each time. You can even create your own strategies to get faster in the production line.

For instance, when you want to do R&D directly on your swiss machining solution; we can provide you with ways on doing it from a Parametric File or even from an STL file.

We do have a solution to mill custom abutments in less than seven minutes. Follow this link if you are curious about it.

Repeatability and accuracy are paramount to us. But we also know that speed is of the essence when it comes to milling time. Our team is able to help you gain seconds per unit and then increase your margin.

Benefit from a reactive and involved team proud of what they are doing. Start today the path to Industry 4.0 with our robotized solutions.


Our procedures are established to offer you the best quality (accuracy, repeatability) from your tools. But they also give you the ability, when you want to deliver customized elements, to certify and give them a warranty which is essential for your customers. Imagine what you could do with it.

Our team is not only able to provide you with an excellent software, but also create with you a global solution to be able to respond to their demands.

Additionnal consulting service

When you want to get into business of custom solutions (abutments, screwed teeth, bridges & bars), we can provide you with our experience and help you to create your own milling center or help you to do it directly. Our knowledge of the procedures and needed resources allows us to offer you real and efficient advice.