Dental Milling Centers

Universal & open CAM: increase the potential of your machines by going into the milling strategies.​

Get the best from your machine!


Specific software to adjust your Implant interfaces


Go into the strategies and optimize speeds and/or quality according to your projects. Create new strategies


Generates precise and accurate high-quality units. Even for complex millings​


When it comes to high production rates; you need to have a trustworthy CAM software. GO2dental is able to drive industrial machines such as DMG Mori, Micron, Willemain Macaudel and so on.

Whatever CNC machine you have you can drive it.

As a milling center, you are there to do the complicated millings your customers don’t want or cannot do. GO2dental is of course able to work on zirconium and soft materials, but is also right in its field of competence when it comes to implant work (single or multiple units; abutments or bridges, bars and so on).


GO2implant (included in your licence) allows you to work, for the implant connection, on a solid file not on the given STL file. You get the ability to modify or create new connections on the hundreds of existing templates inside its library. Like this you are able to mill not only on a costly pre-milled, but directly the full abutment.

When it comes to industrial production: GO2cam gives you an accurate and customizable solution.


GO2dental Optimization

With the open version (Expert Licence) of GO2dental, you are able to go inside the strategies and modify them at your will. For instance, if you wish to change your tools provider, you will be able to modify Ap, Ae and spindle speed to get the best from your CNC machine – Tools combination. If you prefer a faster milling and rougher surfaces to get better anchorage of the ceramic on copings you are able to do it.

When it comes to the CNC machine optimization you can pull the best of your machine by adapting speeds and feeds.

We are there to give you the tools to do it : training, control and security.

A new kind of millings you wish to do ? Create your own strategies. And, then, insert them automatically to your common procedures.

Like this you benefit from the best of two worlds : freedom and automaticity.


GO2dental is based on STL files sources. But when you want to create your own Ti-bases for specific cases, with a bit of training you can easily do it. For one or dozens of them.

Whatever your job is; we are there to give you accurate and fast results. From a single coping to a complicated telescope implants bridge. From soft to really hard materials.

Whatever you want to do; we do have the solution to allow you to do it. Your dealer has a specific knowledge to support you and when it is necessary or useful; we get takeremote control of your computer to help you.

We are there to help you in reaching your goals. To give you all the necessary knowledge and technical support. Support you, even threw your dealer. The only limit is your imagination.

We even have a solution to mill complete abutments in less than 7 minutes on a specific machine. If you want to discover it: follow this link.