Optimize your machine offer. You are not selling the same machine as your competitor. You are selling an optimized machine to get the best of its capacities


More than 30 years of experience of resellers network management

Dedicated reseller support and training


Imagine the future of CAD CAM with us. Benefit from yearly updates. Collaborative comarketing.​

Two is better than one!


When it comes to machine selling, a CAM software is mandatory. The best way to view it as an asset is to do it in combination with the machine offer. We know that your customers objectives are not to become mechanicians. In the contrary, they want to be able to get a working and stable solution.

And this is exactly what we offer you: the way to increase your sales and take advantage over your competitors by offering a solution in complete adequation with the machines you sell.

Because you know your customers’ wishes and you know your machines’ capacities; you will be able to adapt strategies in order to get the best of the machines and offer them a reliable solution.

For instance, you’ll be able to adapt strategies to the tools you sell: get the best of the tools means that your customers will appreciate them and buy them.

Direct Relationship

For more than thirty years we have been dealing with resellers. We have created tight relationships with them in the long run. They know they can count on us. For them we have created the best support team you’ll be able to meet. And we will be here to help you when the time comes.

Training is paramount to us. We want you to have the biggest freedom and highest autonomy as you can. This means that we offer constant training to our partners. On every aspect of a CAM software.

As an additionnal service, we can also ensure your customers’ support. It can even be on your name.


When you need modifications, implementation or new way of doing things, we are there. Even if our development team is working on his own, they can be dedicated to specific needs. And we deliver yearly upgrades.

Far more than that, when you want a special development, we have the ability to do it for you and this is the way we think “partnership”.

A hand in hand collaboration that allows you to become “special” even if your competitors sell the same machines as you. We prove every day that all machine capacities are higher when used with a competitive CAM such as GO2dental.

As a human sized company, as an independent company, we have the adaptability and the flexibility you need.

With us, you get a smoothly and creative CAM software.