Dental Laboratory

When time is of essence. When your art is in building teeth. Enjoy GO2dental automatisms and easiness. Let the software do the job for you. GO2dental easy-to-use solution is tailored for you. With GO2dental, you get an adequate training, support and upgradability.

And get the best from your machine!


Drag and drop your units – and GO2dental does the programming


Material, time and human resources


Generates precise and accurate high-quality units. Even for complex millings


Because we know that your specialty is sculpting powders to build teeth, we also know that you are not a mechanician.

For more than thirty years we have developed our software aimed to mechanicians. For more than thirteen years we have adapted it to the dental market. We have taken the best out of our mechanical software and adapted automatic milling strategies to your service.


Because you do not have the time to bother on strategies, we have created them to give you the opportunity to get your milling ISO files in the shortest and fastest way. Automatization is paramount for us as it allows you to concentrate on what is important for you: sculpting teeth. In less than 5 clicks you can start the calculation of your millings.



Spare human resources, spare material and tools with strategies that go fast and well. You get the freedom of placing your units wherever you want and like this get the biggest number of units from one disk or blank.

Our strategies are thought to protect the units but also combine speed and tool management to get the best surface quality you want. With GO2dental, you will get the ability to go fast and easy on creating your ISO files. That way you do not need to have a mechanician to use it. Anybody can do it. It is just a question of procedures and logic.

When you are in the hurry, you have to be able to trust your CAM software. When you encounter a difficulty, your local dealer his formed and has the ability to give you fast answers to your questions. We can even take the hand on your computer and solve your problem. Like this you benefit from the most efficient service possible.

Finally, whenever you want improvements or new strategies your dealer is able to do them for you with our supervision and warranty.


A good CAM software is a fast, versatile and a simple software. But this is nothing without precision and effectiveness. With GO2dental you are able to mill simple units as coping in metal or zirconium but also passive bridges (your customers will ask you what has changed in your work as they will get an easy and sure passive insertion because you won’t have to suffer from distortion when you heatfire the ceramic).

You will be able to mill precise zirconium units on Ti bases. And, if you go to titanium or cobalt chrome, you will be able to easily mill custom abutments, bars and implant bridges. Not even only Pre-Milled abutments, but if your machine can handle it, with GO2implant you will also be able to mill complete abutments with connection or multi-units forms.

From the simplest to the most complicated units precision and accuracy will be on your side.

With GO2cam, it is in a real and strong relationship that you can trust.