Aligner Trimming Machine

ATM10 is a continuous five-axis machine designed to trimm orthodontic aligners thermoformings.

Autonomous cuts in 50 seconds.

The resulting aligner is already deburred.

Maxx ATM-10

Cobot: Adding a Cobot renders it completely independent. The Cobot takes care of its loading and unloading and is able to sort the thermoformings. It is designed to work for hours independently of any human resources.

Equipped with a barrel with a capacity of about 250 thermoforms. It gives you the ability to completely free oneself from human action. And devote the time saved for other more interesting activities.

Maxx ATM-10

DM200 5AT is an advanced version of the ATM10. Palletized it reduces the time of human intervention (one load every 15 minutes approximately). Equipped with a more powerful spindle, it is also faster in its cuts. It will itself be robotizable in the future for even more autonomy.

The direct benefit of this two machines is the possibility to modify the internal organization: For instance; the ATM and its Robot work at night when printing and thermoforming are done during the working day.